Press Release

Successful Voluntary Gun Buyback
Held in Coral Springs

129 Firearms Turned in to Coral Springs Police Department

Coral Springs, FL
The voluntary gun buyback, hosted by 4FNow, and facilitated by Coral Springs Police Department collected 129 firearms in exchange for gift cards for use at a local grocery chain. Both 4F Now and Coral Springs considered the buyback a huge success based on the volume of guns turned in. Those weapons included semi-automatic rifles, handguns, rifles and shotguns. Throughout the day there was a steady flow of citizens who wanted to exchange firearms for gift cards.The officers who participated in the exchange were pleased with the response from the community, which resulted in such a high number of firearms collected.

Coral Springs Chief of Police Clyde Parry said,“Based on the number of citizens who participated in the gun buyback, it proved there was a community need for the event to take place. We are happy that we could assist the 4FNow organization in their mission.”

Debbi Hixon, widow of Chris Hixon who gave his life protecting students during the tragedy at MSD said she was encouraged to “see such a positive response to this cause” and looked forward to working with 4F Now and Coral Springs PD again in the future.

4F Now would like to fund as many voluntary gun buybacks as possible and help facilitate voluntary buybacks in municipalities around the country. Additionally,the organization is planning an athletic event, The MSD Heroes Challenge, in February to honor the victims of the shooting and raise money to support the buyback cause as well as scholarships for emerging student leaders.

Donations to help fund their efforts can be made at As 4F Now received its 501 (c) (3) designation from the IRS, all donations are eligible to be tax deductible.